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Our Preschool

8.45 am - 3.15 pm, Term time

from 18m to 4 years of age

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Our features

We believe children learn best when they are actively engaged. Through hands on activities, children are given opportunities to make sense of and develop an understanding of the growing world around them.

21st century care

A Montessori education allows children to self direct their learning.  By following the child, the adult provides opportunities for the child to learn through their interests.  Providing concrete experiences further supports child's interest and learning.

Why parents choose us

All staff are Montessori trained and experienced teachers.  

We are part of the Montessori School Association and working towards STAR accredited through September 2022.

.Children have clearly defined boundaries within which they are free to explore activities to support their learning.  

Within the indoor classroom children use natural and beautiful resources which they learn to care for and enjoy. 

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